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Paver Repair & Strippings


PAVER REPAIRS – The Respectable Group, can restore your existing paver surfaces. Interlocking pavers used for driveways, walkways, patios, lanai’s and pool decks are extremely popular in our area due to their beautiful and natural look. Our paver repair service can assist you in regaining the original beauty of your pavers without the huge expense of a new installation.

If you are in need of paver repairs, due to settling and/or shifting, or if your pavers are bleached out from the sun; we can assist you with that.

  • We repair paver settlement or separation issues.
  • We replace damaged or stained pavers with customer provided replacement pavers (if they have them), or we can search for matching replacement pavers in various commercial “bone yards” that are available to contractors only.
  • We can tint your sun bleached or weathered pavers so they look like new again. We utilize the same pigment colors that are used by the manufacturers themselves when the pavers are made, so the colors are true to life and will never look artificial.
  • We make caulking repairs
  • We make grout repairs

CONCRETE REPAIRS – The Respectable Group, can repair cracks in concrete driveways, pool decks, walkways, sidewalks, patio’s and retaining walls.

WATERPROOF MEMBRANE – We can also apply a state-of-the-art waterproof membrane coating to your concrete surface’s that looks just like paint when it dries, but is waterproof, is much easier to clean and lasts much longer than conventional paint. The membrane is available in any color you can imagine and can easily be custom mixed to match any existing paint scheme you may already have.


Paver and Concrete Stripping – is an extremely important, but messy and labor-intensive job that requires specialized training and specialized equipment. Because of that, there are only a handful of paver and concrete sealing companies in our area that actually offer previous sealer stripping, along with cleaning and sealing.

When companies that don’t offer chemical stripping, contract with a customer on a job that requires the removal of their old failing sealer first before re-sealing, they usually do one, of the following 2 things…

  1. Not remove the old and failing sealer – Before re-sealing and simply apply the new sealer over the old sealer. This IS NOT the correct way to complete the job. The new sealer is only as good as the surface you are applying it to. To “reap” all the benefits that new and better-quality sealer has to offer, it needs to be applied to a clean and properly prepared surface, that is free from contaminants and old failing sealer. This will ensure proper adhesion and penetration of the new sealer. Applying new sealer over old and/or bad sealer, can drastically decrease the life expectancy of the new sealer, as well as the natural beauty potential of the pavers.
  2. Sub contract out – The stripping portion of the job, or even the whole job, to one of the few paver sealing companies in the area that offer chemical stripping and have the training, experience and proper equipment to do a quality stripping job.

The Respectable Group, LLC is one of the few companies in the area that offers previous sealer stripping services to their own clients, as well as other companies’ clients.


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