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Not all cleaning and sealing companies are the same.  DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE with Respectable Receptacle’s array of white glove services.  DISCOVER these important DIFFERENCES:

    • First, we as owners, train regularly on different products, techniques, tools and equipment
    • Our team is trained by us and by other professionals in the industry (Power Washers of North America) etc.
    • Finally, we educate our customers about the importance of cleaning and sealing to protect their home investment and we walk them through our process
  • Equipment
    • Using the proper equipment for the job is key
      • Some surfaces need Pressure or Power Washing
        • when used by a trained and certified specialist, Power Washing can be a reliable form of cleaning your home or business’ exterior. Pressure washing can be useful for pre-paint preparation and standard cleaning on durable surfaces
        • Power Washing adds the ability to heat the water to up to 250 degrees to penetrate deep into porous areas
      • Some surfaces need Soft Washing
        • again, when used by a trained and certified specialist, soft washing can be achieved with the same equipment, using low pressure and heat when necessary
  • Chemicals
    • Heat and chemicals are more effective to eliminate mold, mildew, dirt and algae (again, a trained and certified specialist is key)
      • Using water based chemicals , which are environmentally friendly, can decrease the water consumption by 1/3 and last 4- 6 times longer
      • The products used to soft wash penetrate deep into the porous areas of the surface, sanitizing and eradicating the root cause of the problem. It not only cleans the surface, it also kills all the mold spores that live beneath the surface.
  • Sealers
    • We use the Best Commercial Sealers that are not available to the general public
    • We use sealers that are water-based for environmental friendliness, deep penetration into porous areas and long lasting effectiveness


Why CLEANING & SEALING is an important investment:

PAVER SEALING – Sealing your paver surfaces is the most important thing you can do to protect your hard -earned investment. All too often, we see homeowners spending literally $20,000 to $60,000 or more, to have beautiful paver surfaces installed on their driveways, walkways, lanai’s and pool decks and then neglect to seal the surfaces to protect them.

  • Sealing the pavers protect them from deteriorating and becoming stained. Florida’s scorching hot sun, tropical rains and constant humidity are extremely harsh on these surfaces
  • Pavers that are left unsealed are susceptible to erosion, color fading, stains, mold, weed growth and paver shifting
  • Unsealed pavers are like a dry sponge that will absorb water, mold and stains, deep into their surface and once this happens, they are virtually impossible to remove.


CONCRETE SEALING – Most people don’t realize that concrete slab driveways, walkways, lanai’s and pool decks are susceptible to all the same hazards as paver surfaces.

  • Sealing them when they are new, will protect them from deterioration and becoming dirty. In addition, cleaning and then sealing older already dirty concrete surfaces will bring back their original beauty and protect them from further deterioration.

We are pleased to announce our new MAINTENANCE PLAN designed to SAVE YOU MONEY and PROTECT YOUR HOME INVESTMENT!

HOW THE PLAN WORKS:  Our Maintenance Plan provides regularly scheduled services over a 36-month term at a tremendous savings, which will protect the beauty and value of your home.

What the plan includes:

  • Cleaning of your paver / concrete surfaces twice per year over the 36-month term at a discounted price, which is a savings of 33% below regular pricing
  • A full and thorough inspection at every cleaning to ensure that there are no sinking, shifting, cracked or broken pavers. Any repairs that are needed (that the customer wants to have done) will be performed at a discounted price of 50% below regular pricing
  • Re-sealing of your paver / concrete surfaces at month 36 (normal life expectancy) at a discounted price of 50% below regular pricing. Depending upon the square footage, your savings could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, plus the beauty and investment of your property will be maintained

***Maintenance plans are only available to Respectable Receptacle customers who have had their surface/s cleaned and sealed at least once by Respectable Receptacle at regular pricing***




Respectable Receptacle is a proud member of the PWNA (Power Washers of North America)

Power Washing in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, FL

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