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How do we do it ?


Visual inspection of evil scum


Load bins into giant robot arms.


Blast scum with 190-degree, high-pressure water to clean and disinfect.


Deodorize with top secret natural solution.


Final result: Adios, bacteria. Hello, clean and fresh-smelling bins.


Don’t be fooled by our cool-under- pressure secret bin agents; the water spraying your bin is hot and pressurized at over 190 degrees and 1000psi. When we’re done, we prefer the bacteria in your bins to be both shaken AND stirred.

After your bins have been cleaned, the dirty bin water remains in our truck’s holding tank until it can be disposed of properly. The mission is not complete until we deliver the evil water to the scum water system it belongs in. This helps us keep our mission statement “To increase the quality of life and our Waterways one Trash Bin at a Time.”

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